Fund Portfolios

Fund Portfolios are an excellent option to achieve maximum global diversification at the hands of professional managers.


  • Immediate and continuous diversification.
  • Global scope with reasonable investment amounts.
  • Access to fund managers for the various geographic areas and asset classes.
  • Active management of asset distribution.
  • Periodic monitoring.
  • Performance Reports.

Types of portfolios:

We offer the following range of investment portfolios based on the investment profiles of our clients.

The Dynamic 50 and Dynamic 80 portfolios have greater flexibility in adapting your asset allocation mix to new market expectations.

Other types of Portfolios:

Moderate 1.5X Portfolio: Increase your exposure to the Moderate 1.5X Portfolio by using the lending value of your invested capital as collateral. Click here for more information on this portfolio.

Low Cost Fund Portfolios: Invest in mutual funds without retrocessions. Click here for more information on this portfolio.

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