Bond Portfolios

Would you like a portfolio that generates a periodic and predictable income stream? Are you unwilling to bear the risks of stock markets? The Bond Portfolio is a high-value option for clients wishing to concentrate part or all of their assets in investment-grade bonds with a constant cash flow . The Bond Portfolio will help you build and select a high quality credit portfolio, with a laddered maturity structure. Once invested, we will monitor your portfolio and make the required changes to keep it within the pre-established profile.


  • Adapted to your needs, with a structured process for evaluating your needs and goals.
  • Issuer credit analysis.
  • Optimal diversification throughout industries, countries and issuers.
  • Efficient execution.
  • Continuous monitoring.
  • Delegated convenient: Your active participation will only be required for periodic revisions.
  • Clear and convenience fee structure.
  • Low rotation, to minimize transaction costs.

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