The following services are placed at your disposal through Online Banking, 24/7 and 365 days per year.

Your Portfolio Online

  • Review your composition and market value of your investments.
  • Analyze your investments by currency, economic sector or region.
  • Print your Portfolio Report when you need it.

Your Account Transactions

  • Review and control your account balance and transactions in real time.

Payments Services

  • Make international wire transfers.
  • Make transfers between your accounts at MBS.
  • Archive templates for your most common transfers.
  • Organize your templates in folders.
  • Place standing orders.

Mailbox (Secure Mail)

  • Use your Secure Mail to communicate your wishes or send banking instructions in a direct, secure and confidential way.
  • Receive requested documents or information through Secure Mail.
  • Receive quarterly reports on the market performance of Model Portfolios corresponding to your portfolio under Discretionary Management.

Electronic Documents

  • Receive account statements with monthly transactions in PDF format.
  • Receive confirmations and debit and credit notes to your accounts in PDF format.

Individualized Configurations

  • Make your browsing easier by setting up your preferred options.

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