What is an antivirus?

It is a computer program, especially designed to detect and eliminate computer viruses; its correct use allows an unbreakable blocking of viruses and other malicious codes.

What must a good antivirus contain?

For maximum security effects, you must check that your antivirus:

Protects all information entry points to your computer, with particular attention to the internet and email.

Includes a comprehensive set of services, such as frequent updates, preferably on a daily basis, technical support, urgent resolution of new viruses and alert services

How to make the best use of your antivirus?

  • Carefully read all the accompanying documentation in order to learn the basic functions of your antivirus; this will also allow you to be more at ease when there is a new virus-related problem.
  • Once installed, it is recommended that you check your whole system regularly, to ensure that your equipment is completely free of viruses. The analysis must include all hard-drives, diskette drives, CD drives and shared units.
  • An inactive antivirus provides no protection to your computer: check that your antivirus’ protection is always active. In this way, it will check all operations in your computer and will be able to detect and eliminate any virus trying to come into the computer, or give an alert regarding possible attacks.


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