In order to avoid technological fraud by false email requests for personal data and passwords, Mercantil has created this section to provide information to you regarding the prevention of technological fraud.

Mercantil Bank (Schweiz) will never request information regarding your data or account passwords or PINs through any messenger service.

If you receive an email or link requesting you to update your data or passwords or PINs,

Beware! Do not provide them!

And report it to us immediately.

Mercantil does not send these messages. If you want to update your data, do it through the channels set up for this end. For further information, please read our Recommendations Regarding Information Access and Retrieval by E-Mail..

Beware! / Be alert!

Every day, you may be exposed to fraud mechanisms for the purpose of retrieving information on your personal data, passwords and account numbers, e-mail and credit cards.

The following information will help you identify attempts at electronic fraud:

Recommendations for accessing Mercantil Online

When you access Mercantil Online, please use a secure device, and type the address: into your browser’s URL. Never use links from unreliable sites or in emails from unknown sources.

Your access password for Mercantil Online must be different to passwords used to access other internet sites. Remember to change it frequently, do not share it with third parties, keep it in your memory, and don’t write it down.

In case of any suspected fraud or theft from your accounts, cards or access passwords, report it immediately.

Tips for receiving and sending information using e-mail

Mercantil Bank (Schweiz) will never request information regarding keywords or passwords for your accounts and cards through any form of messages.


We are not carrying out any personal information update campaigns through e-mail, letters or phone calls requesting information on your access passwords or any other personal and confidential information. Whenever we may carry out such a campaign, we will contact you directly to let you know the regular channels for that process.


Tips for safeguarding financial data and records

Keep all information regarding financial records and documents in a safe place.


Check your account statements and keep track of your banking transactions regularly.

Keep up to date regarding online security issues

Learn about new fraud modes and find resources to avoid them.


Sorfware or hardware tool to record texts input by users in…
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Bank fraud modality based on electronic messages sent…
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Basically, it redirects the user to a false website…
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Software supplemented with antivirus programs for maximum security…
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Computer programs designed to detect and eliminate computer viruses…
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